Multiple sclerosis (MS) stories


Explore videos from patients, the MS Trust, neurologist Dr Martin Duddy and three MS specialist nurses in which they share their experiences to highlight the importance of recognising, recording, reporting and reviewing relapses.

Being diagnosed with MS

MS sufferers discuss their diagnosis, symptoms and how the disease impacts their lives.

Relapses – what to look for

Patients describe their MS relapse symptoms and how they spot them.

If there's a change, report it

MS sufferers discuss their concerns and the value of reporting any relapse symptoms.

Listen to your body and act early

Sufferers discuss their strategies for identifying and managing MS relapses as soon as possible.

Reducing impact and treating early

MS specialist nurses Sam Colhoun, Alan Izat and Carmel Wilkinson emphasise the need to report and treat relapses early.

Why people don't report relapses

MS specialist nurses Alan Izat, Carmel Wilkinson and Sam Colhoun discuss patient concerns around reporting relapses.

Staying in touch with your MS team

Neurologist Dr Martin Duddy highlights the importance of reporting suspected relapses.

Understanding the pattern of your MS

Amy Bowen, from the MS Trust, describes the challenges patients face recognising and recording relapses.

SymTrac MS app screenshots

SymTrac™ for MS

A symptom tracker is available to help you record your relapse symptoms and discuss them with your MS team.

SymTrac has been developed by Novartis in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

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: 24-11-2015