Check your symptoms


red tick in a circle  Is the rash raised and very itchy?

red tick in a circle  Does the rash appear without warning and disappear, sometimes for weeks?

red tick in a circle  Does the rash show up on different parts of the body?

red tick in a circle  Have you come into contact with anything new – e.g. food, fabrics or chemicals?

red tick in a circle  Do you have any swelling – e.g. on your lips or eyelids?

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Some people who answer yes to these questions have urticaria, or more particularly chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU), a skin condition which is characterised by the sudden appearance of hives.

Learn more about the symptoms of CSU from Dr Pixie McKenna.

Only a doctor can confirm your diagnosis, but answering these questions and taking pictures of your skin may help you when you come to discussing your symptoms with your doctor.

How should you prepare before seeing your GP?

Need help tracking your symptoms, logging photos and/or managing your hives? There's an app that can help.

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SymTrac™ HIVES App

SymTrac™ HIVES is a free app that helps people with chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) track the severity of symptoms and the impact of the disease on their life over time. The data recorded can be viewed in easy-to-read progress trackers and shared with healthcare professionals to enhance consultation time and support decision-making.

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Date of preparation: November 2015    XSU15-C030i 

Updated: 03-12-2015